Interserv LP (, one of the nation’s largest interior renovation contractors serving hospitality, retail, and lifestyle clients, today announced the appointment of Victor Garcia as President of National Operations. Garcia, formerly overseeing Eastern Region Operations, will be responsible for a nationwide reorganization of internal resources to consolidate efforts to grow market share. By centralizing leadership, Interserv LP anticipates more efficient operations and an even higher level of stellar client service utilizing the latest in technology and transparency for our clients. “The goal is simple,” states Garcia. “The industry is in a reboot phase, and my job is to seize this opportunity that will strengthen our position as leaders and innovators in the field.”

With more than 20 years construction management experience, Garcia has experience navigating numerous cycles in an industry currently grappling with the impact of COVID-19. Interserv LP has managed to thrive during the pandemic, currently active on numerous projects in Arizona, New York, California, Washington, and Texas. According to Garcia, the primary goal now is creating a cohesive, unified operation that can continue growth in not only existing hospitality markets but also new markets developing because of a shifting economy.

Garcia’s goal is to expand further into resort interior renovations as a source of growth. As a result of recent international travel restrictions, domestic getaway locations thrived in 2020 and still serve as one of the performing subsectors within hospitality. Additionally, by marshalling the expertise and technology into a streamlined service offering, he hopes to add more clients in retail, restaurant, and commercial interior conversion projects. Interserv LP owner and Principal Eli Tene applauds Garcia’s direction and anticipates continued success under his leadership. “Victor’s proven success record, combined with the acumen to seize new opportunities, make him the perfect choice to lead the company through this volatile phase in our economy and continue its growth in the hospitality industry and beyond.”


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