Our History

For over 30 years, InterServ has dedicated themselves to the philosophy of “beating budgets and beating deadlines” while creating memorable experiences for our clients’ customers. As a leading interior renovation contractor, we have provided project management and quality workmanship for a variety of clients from the hospitality, restaurant, and retail industries. Experienced in both union and non-union environments, Interserv works diligently to build strong and lasting relationships with union shops and local authorities to help push our projects through to completion.


Udi Rosha was not only the co-founder of InterServ, but he was also a force to be reckoned with. He was an industry expert who made it his life’s work to create and build a brand that represented value, integrity and quality. Udi had more than 31 years of hospitality-specific construction experience and was actively involved in overseeing all business activities of InterServ and its business units. Udi also made it a priority to ensure every client received the personal attention they deserved.

Udi’s vision for growing and expanding InterServ into a national brand allowed the company to establish itself as the benchmark against which competitors are judged.

Udi Rosha, Cofounder Of Interserv