Is It Time to Renovate Your Hotel?

hotel renovation services

Every hotel owner or manager knows that hotel renovation services can be costly. However, failing to ensure your hotel is in the best possible condition and meets the demands of today’s market could be even costlier. Mold in bathrooms or loose floor planks can lead to health issues or accidents for your guests. Not to mention possible, expensive lawsuits. At the same time, outdated décor or a lack of amenities can result in negative reviews from critics and guests alike. In this age of social media, one negative review can have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences.

Signs You are in Need of an Update

Clearly, keeping your hotel in good shape and ensuring it lives up to your guests’ expectations is critical. Ask yourself the following five questions to determine whether it’s time to renovate your hotel:

  1. Is the building obviously in need of maintenance and repairs? Little Hotelier advises to be on the lookout for things like peeling paint or wallpaper; cracked tiles or windows; discolored ceilings; worn, faded or stained carpet; leaky faucets and malfunctioning or broken bathroom fixtures.
  2. Is your hotel’s exterior look, as well as the appearance of its common areas and guest rooms, outdated? While some guests like retro, the majority of guests expect your facility to have a contemporary appearance and ambiance. Currently, that’s a clean, sleek design with plenty of natural light, open spaces and green plants.
  3. Are your amenities up to date? Depending on your hotel’s category, you might need a pool, rooftop bar, outdoor lounge, spa, communal space, grab-and-go food store, and full-scale restaurant. To determine which amenities you need, you’re best advised to look at what your competition is doing. Try to bring your amenities up to the same level or better.
  4. Are the features outdated? If your guests still have to deal with traditional features such as traditional keys, manually-adjustable room temperature controls, and entertainment systems, as well as non-dimmable lighting, you need to upgrade. Today’s travelers expect smart hotels where they can use their smartphones to unlock and lock their hotel room door, manage mood lighting, control the entertainment center and adjust the air conditioning or heating.
  5. Does your hotel reflect the brand you want to project? Over time, your brand can easily evolve. Especially if you’re moving towards a more Millennial-oriented guest experience and more contemporary design in your marketing materials. Take a moment to assess how much in synch your facility is with your brand. Perhaps you need to adjust the colors and furnishings, or maybe you need to upgrade the structure to a green building design.

Hotel Renovation Services

As LinkedIn advises, your hotel’s success rate will quickly depreciate if you don’t update it when needed. Fortunately, not all renovations are equal. There’s a refurbishment that’s relatively superficial and affordable, a basic renovation that costs more but doesn’t require a complete overhaul, and a complete renovation that requires both the rooms and the common areas to be completed updated. After answering these five questions, you’ll have better insights into what level of renovation you’ll need so you can budget accordingly.

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