Modern Hotel Room With Double Bed, Night Tables, Tv Set And Cityscape From The Window

Improving Energy Efficiencies Without Compromising Comfort

Dec 09 2022

Hotels are facing many new challenges with the increasing cost of electricity, natural gas, and fuel. Instead of continually bumping up the rates they charge, many are changing the way …

concept of small perks hotels can offer like working space

5 Small Perks a Corporate Hotel Can Offer That Make a Big Difference

Nov 28 2022

Keeping your corporate guests happy isn’t difficult. Provide them with the amenities they need the most, throw in a few small bonuses, and above all, show them you appreciate them …


AirBNB vs Hotels That Cater to Corporate Travelers

Sep 07 2022

One of the latest trends in travel accommodations is home-sharing. Property owners are opening up their vacation homes to travelers who are looking for more of a “home” experience when …

woman traveler in europa- Alhambra in Spain

How Inflation is Affecting Corporate Travelers

Sep 07 2022

Companies often do whatever it takes to keep their business in motion. For many, this means sending employees on business trips to seal the deal. Members of management realize that …

concept image of corporate travelers in extended stay hotels

What Corporate Travelers Look for in Extended-Stay Hotels

Jul 11 2022

Corporate travelers may be sent on business trips for weeks at a time. Depending on the reason for the trip, they may be gone for four to eight weeks, or …

concept image of two types of travelers

Maintaining the Balance Between “Smart” Travelers and Traditional Travelers

May 04 2022

When people book a hotel, the first thing they look at is the amenities. For a business traveler, the ability to conduct business is at the top of their list. …