Open Concept Kitchens: A Transparent, Entertaining, and Inspiring Trend in the Hospitality Industry

Open concept kitchens are one of the latest trends in the hospitality industry. Although this type of kitchen is common in many hibachi-style restaurants, it is becoming more popular in other areas as well. Restaurant patrons have an interest in how their food is handled. Being able to see the kitchen area and watch their food being prepared gives them peace of mind and is also intriguing to watch. Open concept kitchens give patrons full view of the food preparation and cooking processes. 

Maximum Transparency 

When you have an open concept kitchen, everything the staff members do is in full view of the patrons. Patrons can watch the food preparation process from start to finish. Patrons can see the dishes being cleaned as well as the food going through the initial preparation steps. One of the best things about this level of transparency is that it ensures the foods being used are as fresh as possible. It also ensures that food is served as soon as it is finished cooking. 


Many chefs and line cooks take a lot of pride in what they do. Those who like being watched while they cook will often create their own style. Some will add small flourishes when they are using their utensils. Others will remain focused on their cooking techniques so their patrons can see how much care they put into each dish. The majority of patrons may not watch the chef while they are working. For those who do, it can be a very entertaining experience. 

Sights, Sounds, and Smells 

People who love food also enjoy all the sights, sounds, and smells associated with the preparation and cooking processes. An open kitchen allows food lovers an opportunity to see, hear, and smell their meal being prepared. It is a sensory experience that many people thoroughly enjoy and become immersed in. It is an enjoyable experience that many foodies and other cooking enthusiasts that seek out restaurants for the sole purpose of watching the chef use his skills. 

Motivation for the Chef 

When a chef is at work in an open concept kitchen, it often motivates them to do their best work. They are working in front of an audience that will eventually eat the meals he is preparing. Not only will he try to do his best, he will want them to see as much of the meal process as possible. In some instances the chef, will go out and speak to the patrons and ask them how they liked their meal. It is a huge motivator for them to know that people appreciate their efforts. 

Builds Trust and Respect 

When restaurants choose an open concept kitchen, they are taking their first steps toward building trust and gaining the respect of their patrons. Being able to watch their meal being prepared allows them a sense of security similar to what they have in their home. Patrons are able to see what’s going on every step of the way. Patrons will respect a restaurant that offers a high level of transparency. 

Inspires Others 

Chefs who work in an open concept kitchen can inspire others who love to cook to open their own business or attend culinary school to become a cook. People who love food can be inspired to create their own dishes or make their own versions of the meals they get at the restaurant. This type of inspiration can change lives and provide the chef with a sense of accomplishment. 

Open concept kitchens are becoming more popular throughout the hospitality industry. Entrepreneurs are also realizing that this type of kitchen can also save time and money. By exploring their options, they can establish restaurants that become models for success. With an open concept kitchen, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating a fully transparent and welcoming environment. 


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