Biophilic Design in Hospitality Renovations

There are many trends in the hotel industry that involve using green space to make the exterior more visually appealing. Biophilic design brings nature inside and gives guests an opportunity to soak up the energy and essence of plants and other organic forms. Reconnecting with nature is not a new concept, but it is one that is proving to offer a multitude of benefits for both the hotel and the guests who choose to stay there. Hotels that are incorporating biophilic design are attracting more clients than ever before. 

What Is Biophilic Design? 

Biophilic design includes natural elements in the design and construction of the hotel. This includes using wood, stone, vertical gardens, natural lighting, hanging plants, and living walls and dividers. This provides a unique experience for hotel guests that allows them to reconnect with nature. Urban surroundings can be harsh and unyielding. Adding green plants and natural elements relieves the stress caused by such hard and unforgiving concrete landscape. 

Extension of the Landscape 

By becoming an extension of the surrounding landscape, hotels that use biophilic design can reintroduce green plants and natural lighting so that guests receive all the benefits of being closer to nature. Hotels in urban areas that use biophilic design provide guests with a connection with nature that they may not otherwise have. Natural lighting with a blend of living plants and wood tones can give a sense of comfort to a weary traveler. 

Benefits of Integrating Nature Into the Hotel Environment 

There are several benefits associated with integrating natural elements into the construction of a hotel environment. Living plants clean the air and will actually absorb noise. This creates a relaxing environment in which a guest can enjoy some quiet time away from their job and being on the road. When a traveler is constantly surrounded by noise and motion, being able to retreat to an area filled with plants and organic matter can be very soothing. 

Enhanced Comfort and Relaxation 

Scientific evidence has proven that being surrounded by plants, water, and other natural elements is soothing to the nerves and relaxing to the mind and body. With biophilic design, hotel workers have noticed that when a person is surrounded by plants and other natural elements, they are less stressed and their behavior is more laid-back and easygoing. Their comfort level is enhanced and they can enjoy their time away from work. It also gives them a chance to clear their mind and prepare for a fresh start for the next day. 

Natural Light and Fresh Air 

Hotels that incorporate natural light and fresh air into their design are much more likely to have guests return several times. Travelers are drawn to hotels where they feel comfortable and secure. When living plants are used, it adds a subtle undercurrent of strength and vitality that only a living thing can provide. Wide open windows that allow natural lighting to flood the building reduce stress on the eyes and makes it easier to see. Using living walls to as a boundary between inside and outside allows fresh air to flow freely and eliminates the constant exposure to recirculated air from inside the hotel. 

Biophilic design is a trend in the hotel industry that benefits everyone involved. By allowing guests to reconnect with nature during their travels, you give them a chance to relieve their stress and lighten their mood. Hotels that use biophilic design are thought to be more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. Weary travelers are drawn to the comfortable surroundings offered by the plants and other organic forms. People who stay at these hotels feel as if they are being immersed in nature. The result is a fresh start to the day with no obstacles and improved feelings of emotional and mental well-being. 


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