Must Haves for a Successful Retail Store

Mar 06 2023

The retail industry has evolved over the years. In today’s world, it’s the big box stores that tend to take the bulk of sales. The main reason for this is …

Top 5 Amenities Corporate Travelers Look for in a Hotel

Feb 09 2023

Corporate travelers who spend a lot of time away from home look for both comfort as well as function. They will often pay a little more if they have access …

concept image of corporate travelers in extended stay hotels

What Corporate Travelers Look for in Extended-Stay Hotels

Jul 11 2022

Corporate travelers may be sent on business trips for weeks at a time. Depending on the reason for the trip, they may be gone for four to eight weeks, or …

concept image of two types of travelers

Maintaining the Balance Between “Smart” Travelers and Traditional Travelers

May 04 2022

When people book a hotel, the first thing they look at is the amenities. For a business traveler, the ability to conduct business is at the top of their list. …

A simple elegant and usable workspace for travelers in a hotel room.

Creating a Usable Workspace for Travelers

Mar 21 2022

Hotels that cater to business travelers earn a reputation for being able to provide not only comfort but the amenities that may be required to conduct business. Many professionals travel …

Hotel with modern style interior

Helping a Hotel Find Its Style

Mar 21 2022

Making the decision to renovate a hotel can open the door to many new opportunities. You can easily turn a 3-star hotel into a 5-star oasis that becomes a home …