How to Keep Business Going During Construction and Renovation

Every successful hotel needs to undergo periodic renovation to live up to the changing expectations of its guests. However, whether a hotel renovation project involves relatively minor work, such as updating finishes or major construction, to adding a new amenity, most hotels can’t afford to close for the duration of the work. So, if you’re considering a construction project and working with a hotel renovation company, how can you keep business going? Keep the following tips in mind:

Be transparent. American Express advises that this can be a better option than pretending it’s business as usual. By providing information via your blog or newsletter about your renovation or construction project, you can engage guests and even get them excited about your property’s makeover.

Have a well thought out plan in place. Make sure that the plan is realistic and clearly defines the scope of the project, as well as the required budget. In addition, it’s advisable to hire a project manager to ensure that everything remains on track, so the work is completed within the allotted timeline.

Conduct the work during the quiet season. If your contractor’s schedule allows, have the work done during the off season. This will both reduce the number of guests affected and make it easier for the tradespeople to do their jobs.

Create a buffer between the guests and the work. As Hotel Executive points out, you should always create a buffer between your guests and the spaces or rooms where work is being carried out. For example, if a dining hall has been reserved for a wedding party, you shouldn’t plan for the vinyl flooring to be replaced in the adjourning space on that day. Make sure that your guests — whether they’re at your hotel for a one-day function or a longer stay — receive the service they’re paying for.

Always put your guests’ needs first. Your guests’ satisfaction is critical to your hotel. Happy guests are more likely to give you good reviews and return for future stays, while dissatisfied guests might post negative reviews that can have an adverse effect on business for the long term. By looking at your renovation project from your guests’ point of view, you can see how any work will impact their stay and subsequently take measures to minimize that impact. In addition, if guests have complaints related to the work, do your best to accommodate their needs or make it up to them in some other way. For example, if someone complains about the noise, offer them another room on the other side of the hotel. If this isn’t an option, try other measures, such as offering them a complimentary meal at the hotel restaurant or a discount on a future booking.

In the hospitality industry, it’s critical to deliver a good guest experience at all times. Although a construction or renovation project has the potential to be disruptive, by properly managing it, you can minimize the inconvenience to your guests and provide the welcoming environment they’re looking for. And by doing this, you stand a better chance of avoiding any negative reviews and instead, creating a positive buzz around your renovation.

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