Social Media and Mobile Commerce Are Two of the Top Digital Trends in Retail in 2023

May 10 2023

When it comes to business, two of the biggest digital trends involve social media and mobile commerce. With almost every retailer having some type of online presence digital trends are …

Guest Experiences Soar As More People Choose to Shop In Stores Rather Than Online

Apr 03 2023

Owning a retail business during the Pandemic was both frustrating and overwhelming. If you didn’t have an online presence, you needed to create one to compete with other companies. Online …

Must Haves for a Successful Retail Store

Mar 06 2023

The retail industry has evolved over the years. In today’s world, it’s the big box stores that tend to take the bulk of sales. The main reason for this is …

Top 5 Amenities Corporate Travelers Look for in a Hotel

Feb 09 2023

Corporate travelers who spend a lot of time away from home look for both comfort as well as function. They will often pay a little more if they have access …

Modern Hotel Room With Double Bed, Night Tables, Tv Set And Cityscape From The Window

Improving Energy Efficiencies Without Compromising Comfort

Dec 09 2022

Hotels are facing many new challenges with the increasing cost of electricity, natural gas, and fuel. Instead of continually bumping up the rates they charge, many are changing the way …

Hotel upgraded room for event planning and meetings

Re-Purposing Spaces for Memorable Meetings and Events

Oct 01 2019

This year, the total revenue of the event planning sector is expected to reach approximately $5 billion. That means that in today’s competitive hospitality industry, hotels have the opportunity to …