AirBNB vs Hotels That Cater to Corporate Travelers

Sep 07 2022

One of the latest trends in travel accommodations is home-sharing. Property owners are opening up their vacation homes to travelers who are looking for more of a “home” experience when …

woman traveler in europa- Alhambra in Spain

How Inflation is Affecting Corporate Travelers

Sep 07 2022

Companies often do whatever it takes to keep their business in motion. For many, this means sending employees on business trips to seal the deal. Members of management realize that …

Myths Surrounding Hotel Conversions & Renovations

Myths Surrounding Hotel Conversions & Renovations

Sep 28 2018

A hotel conversion or renovation can take months — sometimes even more than a year. Of course, this can significantly impact revenue, since a new hotel will need a full makeover …


How Millennials Are Shaping the Future of Hospitality

Sep 28 2018

By 2020, Millennial travelers will make up more than 50 percent of all hotel guests worldwide, according to eHotelier’s Insights. Interestingly, MMGY Global reports that although the average spend on vacations remains the …

How Often Should Hotels Renovate

How Often Should Hotels Renovate?

Sep 28 2018

As a hotel owner or manager, you might dread the idea of going through a renovation. After all, it’s a huge expense — one that often requires you to scale back …


The Five U.S. Cities Leading the Way in Hotel Construction

Sep 27 2018

According to Lodging Econometrics, as the U.S. economy remains strong, the hotel construction pipeline continues to show moderate quarterly growth. Total projects stood at 5,312 and 634,501 rooms at the end …