Communal Spaces in Hotel Design

In recent years, travelers’ preferences have been changing dramatically. As expected, that’s having an impact on hotel design. To remain competitive, brands must work with a hotel renovation contractor to update their layout and décor. The end goal is to better align with what guests currently expect from their hotel experience.

Travelers today — especially Millennials — are more community-oriented than ever before. They’re looking for interaction, connection, and conversation as opposed to an insular experience. And this preference for community reflects in the design of many successful hotels in the form of communal spaces.

As Lodging Magazine reports, a growing number of luxury hotels are offering residential spaces along with guest accommodation in a bid to ramp up their ROI. Increasingly, they’re also establishing communal spaces where residents and guests can interact. These communal spaces can be game rooms with pool tables or table tennis, or comfortable lounge areas where people can relax, hang out and start conversations.

According to Commercial Property Executive, more and more hotels are designing lobbies that are used as communal workspaces — even by people who aren’t guests. They provide exceptional business amenities for users while at the same time enhancing ties with the community. This helps provide a more authentic experience for guests.

It’s also possible to leverage existing areas as communal spaces. Hotel News Now recommends placing communal tables in the hotel restaurant along with the usual two- and four-person tables. It’s also possible to further enhance social interaction by expanding the menu to offer shared plates with small bites.

Hotel Renovation Contractor

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