Interior Design Trends for Hotels in 2019

Every year, the hospitality sector sees overarching developments in how hotel brands cater to their clientele. These developments are more often than not reflected in hotel interior design and use of space. This year, design trends focus overwhelmingly on providing a guest experience aligning with the Millennial traveler’s preferences. To learn more about how hotel remodeling can help your brand connect with incoming generations, get in touch with Interserv LP today!

Go Natural

According to Commercial Property Executive, awareness of nature and environment is a key trend. You can see this in many hotels’ exteriors. Many of the more upscale properties employ the use of landscaping that blends seamlessly with the interior décor. Inside, they feature raw materials such as stone and wood, as well as design accents that draw inspiration from nature. Additionally, there’s a generous use of plants, living walls, and even terrariums.

Another hotel remodeling trend is the design of guest rooms that promote wellness. More and more hotels are opting for non-toxic, eco-friendly paints and furnishing materials. Other features include rooms with enhanced fresh air intake, temperature control, and the ability to block excess light. Travelers can get sufficient sleep, regardless of what time they lay their head on the pillow.

Make it Authentic

Brands are also focusing on placemaking — instilling a sense of attachment, community, and pride in their hotels. To do this, they strive to bring authenticity to the building and guest experience. As Hotel Business explains, this is achieved by researching the physical and social history of the site, as well as its place in contemporary culture, and highlighting factors that are unique and integral to the building.

Overall in the hospitality sector, there’s also a significant resemblance to residential interior design trends. Hotels are seeing similar color palettes and geometrical shapes, as well as an understated, paired down elegance.

Finally, smart hotels are offering so-called “portable hotel rooms.” Hotel apps store guests’ preferences and implement them when they stay in other hotel rooms of the same brand.

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