Guest Experiences Soar As More People Choose to Shop In Stores Rather Than Online

Owning a retail business during the Pandemic was both frustrating and overwhelming. If you didn’t have an online presence, you needed to create one to compete with other companies. Online shopping made life easier when physical shopping was limited, but it brought to light many of the benefits of physical, in-store shopping that many retail business owners had started to take for granted. If you own any type of retail business, there are a few things to think about as more and more shoppers are returning to their favorite stores. 

Customers Love to Shop In-Store

While there are many people who hate the thought of shopping, there are many who love to walk around and look at several items before they buy. It can be a relaxing experience for them if you make it comfortable and inviting. A positive shopping experience will provide your customer with what they need and make them feel welcome. If they enjoy themselves and like what you have to offer, they will return again and again. Meet their needs and you will always have loyal customers! 

Fewer Returns

Shopping online had one drawback that often skewed the numbers when it came to sales. It’s estimated that 25% of items purchased online were eventually returned. While much of this involved clothing, it applied to other areas as well. Shoppers will impulse buy and later, decide they no longer want or need an item. When people shop in-store, they are able to touch and look closely at an item before they buy. If you shop online the picture and written description may not always match the final product you receive on delivery. 

Convenient & Time-Effective

Many people have come to realize the convenience of shopping in-store. When it wasn’t always an option, many had to wait days to receive an item or had to settle for something they really didn’t want. Being able to stop in a store and shop for things they need right away is a convenience many no longer take for granted. They no longer have to pay shipping fees or wait days for their items to be delivered. They are in and out of the store in a matter of minutes, often with things bought on impulse that were conveniently placed close to the checkout lanes. 

Wants Personalized Customer Service

Online shopping lacks personalized customer service. When shoppers finally returned to visiting their favorite stores, they were able to get the personalized customer service they had been missing during the pandemic. When you hire knowledgeable, courteous sales associates, your customers can get the answers they need while they are shopping without having to guess or wait on hold for lengthy periods of time. They will have a pleasurable experience they will tell their friends about. Hiring associates who specialize in offering quality customer service will make your company stand out amongst the competition. 

As people are returning to their favorite stores in record numbers, it’s up to you to keep them coming back. Make them happy! Give them the perks they deserve and they will return again and again. Get to know your target audience and provide them with the type of shopping experience they enjoy. Shopping online may be here to stay, but shopping in-store will never go away! 


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