Social Media and Mobile Commerce Are Two of the Top Digital Trends in Retail in 2023

When it comes to business, two of the biggest digital trends involve social media and mobile commerce. With almost every retailer having some type of online presence digital trends are expanding in almost every direction. From advertising over social media to establishing an online store, more and more retailers are looking to the web as a new revenue stream. With the introduction of so many new eCommerce tools, retailers are also hitting the streets becoming mobile vendors who can meet their customers halfway.

Making the Most of Social Media

Most business owners realized early on that creating a Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram account would give them more exposure than any other form of media. Advertisements on the radio, television, and in newspapers or other forms of print were expensive and had a limited reach at best. With social media, the right posts could reach thousands of people in a matter of hours. This not only expanded the ad’s reach, it also exposed a whole new demographic to the business. Best of all, accounts are free and offer paid advertising options for those that choose to use them.

Online Stores

Launching an online store is another eCommerce tool that allows retailers to reach far beyond their local community. If the product or service is something that is in high demand, offering it through an online retail space makes it much easier for everyone involved and is often more affordable than having a physical, brick-and-mortar storefront. Online stores can also move from location to location as long as there is a shipping and receiving point close by. Business owners who already have a storefront are opening online stores to increase their exposure and take advantage of a new way of selling their merchandise.

Utilizing the Tools Associated with eCommerce

With more and more people living and working on their electronic devices, it makes sense to take advantage of every eCommerce tool they have at their disposal. It’s estimated that over 75% of all consumers have started using their mobile devices to make online purchases. While many are impulse buys, a large majority are well-researched purchases that started with an online ad or video they saw while on social media. Combine that with having access to a fully shoppable store and you have a customer who is eager to buy and will do so because it’s convenient.

Mobile Commerce on the Move

POS platforms like Clover and Square make selling easy. Business owners who work at flea markets or set up at festivals and fairs use eCommerce tools to their fullest advantage. Mobile commerce has taken the best of digital banking and made it possible for small businesses to generate revenue from almost any location. Point-of-sale platforms that are offered by PayPal, Square, Clover, and others now offer handheld machines that accept cash, checks, and credit cards. They can print receipts and take care of all the record-keeping so the business owner can focus on managing the business instead of micromanaging the sales.

When it comes to digital trends in retail, the world is revolving at an incredibly fast pace. Business owners can manage every aspect of their business from their phone, their home, or their car. All they have to do is be willing to test the waters and take advantage of everything social media and mobile commerce has to offer!


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