Interserv: Adapting to the Changing Retail Landscape

Over the past several years, the retail landscape has started to change. Large department stores and shopping centers still hold appeal for shoppers who want to find everything they need in one location. One of the latest trends is the use of pop-up shops and flexible retail spaces. Landlords who have retail storefronts are looking for ways to convert their old buildings into flexible retail spaces. General contractors are able to take vacant buildings and turn them into versatile retail spaces that have the flexibility to accommodate almost any type of pop-up shop.

Pop-Up Shops

More and more people are using their talents to become entrepreneurs. By opening up a small, flexible retail space, they are able to offer their items to customers who are looking to break away from the commercialization found in the large shopping areas. Pop-up shops are temporary businesses that are often set up in vacant storefronts. They can stay in place for a few weeks or a few months before moving on to the next location.

Flexible Retail Spaces

While many pop-up shops look for small storefronts to rent, large retail buildings may be able to provide space for multiple shops. Landlords can use a general contractor to section off large spaces allowing many small businesses to rent space on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on their individual needs. Temporary walls and partitions are easy to install and can be adjusted as needed, depending on the space requirements of each tenant.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to maintaining a flexible retail space is installing permanent fixtures. A general concept design must be used to ensure continued flexibility. Because many pop-up shops are only in place for a short period of time, permanent fixtures may pose a problem. Incorporating temporary solutions when it comes to lighting and dividing up large spaces is preferable. This allows the space to be adjusted to fit the needs of the business owner.

Re-inventing Vacant Buildings

Buildings that have been vacant for long periods of time can be renovated to suit almost any purpose. With retail trends moving toward temporary shops and flexible retail spaces, more and more landlords are looking to revitalize their buildings so they can be rented out to local artists, vendors, and other retailers. General contractors can come into a large open space and offer ideas on the best way to utilize the building’s full potential.

Older buildings that may seem to have outlived their usefulness, can be turned into open markets where owners of pop-up shops can come in and create their own unique space. General contractors who have experience with building market spaces can create an open-concept shopping area where pop-up shops have everything they need to thrive and be successful.

Storefronts and Small Business Spaces

Landlords who own vacant storefronts and small retail spaces can make good use of their property by renting to a pop-up shop owner. Renovating the space so that it is more open allows the pop-up shop owner to explore storage and display options that work best for the products they offer. Having a general contractor come in and rewire the lights so that they are more uniform throughout the building will also be beneficial when it comes to displays and how the shop is laid out.

Landlords are quickly learning that their vacant spaces can get a new lease on life if they are renovated to meet the needs of pop-up shop owners and local entrepreneurs who have a dream and a desire to succeed. By working with reputable general contractors, they can create small retail spaces that are perfect for almost any type of pop-up shop or flexible retail space.


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