Interserv: Expertise in Store Rollouts

Retail chains like Dollar General and CVS are expanding their reach across the country. Each brand demands strict attention to detail and consistency when it comes to design and construction. In order for retail chains to maintain this level of uniformity, they require the services of general contractors who are able to meet these expectations with every build they complete.

Large-scale general contractors have the expertise they need to complete multiple builds in different areas and maintain the highest standards of quality at each worksite. Retail chains that are focused on nationwide expansion may be interested in building multiple stores in a specific area. Instead of hiring different general contractors for each location, hiring a contractor who has the skills and expertise to work in multiple locations at once may be a better choice.


When it comes to retail chains, not all locations are the same size. General contractors that are chosen to build multiple stores in different areas, may need to be able to adjust the size of the building according to the needs of the area. Being able to alter the size of a store without disrupting its general look and design is a good indicator that the general contractor specializes in scalability and will be able to complete the project without much guidance or supervision. Maintaining the same uniform structure and layout is essential, no matter what size the building may be.

Project Management Capabilities

Managing multiple building projects at one time requires specific capabilities. Project management involves monitoring all aspects of work being done at a construction site. From managing the workforce to ordering materials, a general contractor who works on multiple projects at once must be highly organized and able to keep things moving forward according to the schedule.

Retail chain management needs to be kept up-to-date on how a project is moving along. Communication is one of the skills a large-scale general contractor must have. Project management involves more than just the day-to-day operations. It also includes being able to troubleshoot potential problems and working with vendors to keep things moving smoothly.

Regional Regulatory Knowledge

Every area is different when it comes to building codes and zoning regulations. It is up to the general contractor to be as knowledgeable as possible when it comes to regulatory compliance in every area where they are constructing a store for a nationwide retail chain. It’s important to find a general contractor who can stay abreast of all the regulatory protocols in every area they work. This information is necessary for pulling specific permits and making sure each building meets the structural requirements for each area.

Ability to Maintain Consistency Across Several Locations

When you talk about national expansion, retail chains are looking to broaden their reach in a large way. Opening multiple stores in different areas of the country can lead to a few unique challenges. It’s important to find a general contractor who can maintain consistency and uniformity throughout the different locations without jeopardizing quality or compromising the brand. Most general contractors that work in multiple locations go to great lengths to ensure every build site adheres as closely to the protocols of the retail chain as possible.

Evaluating a general contractor to find out if they are proficient and capable of handling multiple construction sites may take a little time. Nationwide expansion is a large undertaking. Having the right general contractor will keep your projects on schedule and under budget. Every retail chain will have its own way of evaluating a general contractor. Maintaining the integrity of the brand and quality construction will always be high on their list of things to look for.


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