Top 5 Amenities Corporate Travelers Look for in a Hotel

Corporate travelers who spend a lot of time away from home look for both comfort as well as function. They will often pay a little more if they have access to certain amenities. A guest may be there to conduct business, but they will also be staying with you. Some trips may last for days, which means their comfort should be one of your biggest concerns. When a guest checks in, ask for their preferences when it comes to housekeeping and breakfast options. It’s the simple things that sometimes make the biggest difference.

Reliable Wi-Fi

For a corporate traveler, staying connected is extremely important. Reliable Wi-fi and a good phone system is a must. The guest will need a reliable connection, both in their room as well as in the lobby and conference areas. This is important if they are taking part in virtual conferences or Zoom meetings. If a guest needs to send multiple files, a reliable internet connection is a must to ensure that the entire document is transferred without interruption. Many corporate travelers use multiple devices to conduct business. Always being connected is part of their job.

Accessible Office Space/Equipment

Some hotels that have strong ties to major corporations have rooms available that cater to business professionals. The room contains a fax/printer, phone, and desk space where a person can set up their computer and any other equipment they need to conduct business. A spacious desk with a comfortable office chair will make their job much easier and allow them to complete any tasks they would perform in their own office. While they may need to bring some of their own office supplies, paper and ink for the printer are often included in the price of the room.

Transportation Options

Transportation is a major necessity for corporate travelers. Some may prefer being able to travel alone. Others who are traveling to the same destination may be fine with using a hotel shuttle for rides to a convention, the airport, or to a large corporate meeting. Larger hotels may offer the luxury of providing a rental car for high-end travelers who book regularly with the hotel. Giving your guests the option when it comes to transportation is a great way to personalize their stay and convince them to return a second or third time.

Meeting Space

If multiple guests are staying at the hotel for the same reason, they may choose the hotel as their meeting area. Many larger hotels have a conference room they can reserve for large gatherings. A large corporation may choose a hotel like this simply because it saves them from having to find and rent a large office to hold their meetings. If treated well, companies will return again and again in the future. They rely on hotels that are able to accommodate their needs on a fairly large scale.


Nothing is more frustrating for a business person than to be forced to track down a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Put a full-size coffee maker in their room with all the trappings. If they would rather have a specialty coffee, have a coffee bar in the hotel where your guests can order their favorite and have it delivered to their room. Providing your guests with a premier cup of coffee first thing in the morning is the best way to show new guests how much you appreciate their business.

When you want to attract high-end, corporate customers, you need to show them that you are on their level. Go the extra mile and offer the services and amenities they need. Giving them what they need will give them the freedom to work without restriction and allow them to achieve their goals. It will also show them that you appreciate them enough to do what they need and provide for their comfort.

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