Improving Energy Efficiencies Without Compromising Comfort

Hotels are facing many new challenges with the increasing cost of electricity, natural gas, and fuel. Instead of continually bumping up the rates they charge, many are changing the way they operate the hotel. Energy-efficient practices can actually save money without compromising comfort. The key is knowing what services to offer and when to offer them, as well as installing energy-efficient devices that are both convenient and affordable.

LED Lights

Replace incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with LED lights that are controlled by a dimmer switch. This offers the amount of light your guest needs without using excessive amounts of energy. LED bulbs are affordable and work efficiently for thousands of hours without having to be changed. They will fit in most types of features and put off more light than other types of bulbs. Replacing traditional light switches with dimmer switches gives the guest a chance to set their lights to a level they are most comfortable with.

Linens and Towels Upon Request

In the past, linens and towels were changed daily. While some guests may request clean towels on a daily basis, most would prefer not to have their linens changed every day. It’s all about customer comfort. When a guest checks in, ask them how often they want their towels and linens changed. If something happens between times, they can always call the front desk and request changes as needed.

Lengthy Stays, Limited Housekeeping

When corporate travelers stay in a hotel, they organize their room the way they need it to be. They may be uncomfortable with having a housekeeper come in every day to sweep, dust, and clean the bathroom. As part of the check-in process, ask your guests when they want housekeeping services performed. Some may choose once or twice a week. Set the schedule when they arrive. It can always be changed if needed. It’s all about comfort and allowing your guests to maintain the same level of privacy that they have at home.

Free Transportation / Car Services

One of the best ways to save energy is with free transportation services. Travelers who are unfamiliar with the area may end up spending more time looking around for their destination than they do at their meetings. A free ride to a meeting in the hotel car or shuttle eliminates the need for a rental car and will save money for both sides, especially if you can shuttle more than one passenger at a time. Having a shuttle is great if your hotel is located close to an airport or convention center.

Smart Thermostats

Every traveler has their own comfort level when it comes to room temperature. A smart thermostat allows the guest to set the temperatures where they are most comfortable. They can adjust to more energy-efficient temperatures when they are away from the room and to a more comfortable temperature when they are in the room.

In today’s world, maintaining a low carbon footprint is essential in any industry. With hotels, lowering energy costs can compromise comfort, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Energy efficiency and comfort go hand in hand quite nicely when you have access to advanced technology. It’s also all about customer comfort. In many cases, less is more! Talk to your guests and let them be your guide!


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