Wellness-Focused Renovations in the Hospitality Industry

Health and wellness is on everyone’s mind. When people travel, they often have to forego their health and fitness routines because few places in the past would cater to their needs. Companies in the hospitality industry have started to change that. As it comes time for many hotels to think about renovations and upgrades, many are focusing on the health and wellness amenities that their customers are now looking for. While many hotels have always had a swimming pool or small exercise area, they have now started to expand their offerings. With the new amenities they are adding, hotels can now target more professional clients who demand health and wellness options. 

Wellness Isn’t Just a Trend 

Wellness is no longer a trend. It’s a lifestyle. People are not happy with being “weekend warriors”. Many are getting fit and making a commitment to stick to a much stricter diet and exercise regimen. While this is easy to accomplish at home, those who are forced to travel for work often have to give up their routines as soon as they leave home. Hotels that have taken this to heart have started including upgrades that offer healthier foods in vending machines and exercise areas that are now open around the clock. Customers are taking note of the hotels that are including health and wellness upgrades and steering in their direction. 

Fitness Centers 

In years past, a hotel fitness center may include a couple of exercise bikes, a rowing machine, and a weight tower with multiple exercise options. Not a good selection to choose from and not very many options for those who lift weights or use exercise machines. Today, hotels are expanding on the types of equipment they offer in their fitness centers. They are including more free weights and exercise tools that can be used by men and women alike. While exercise bikes and rowing machines are still there, they are no longer the only options a person has to choose from. 

Spa Services 

Spa services are not just for 5-star hotels anymore. Many hotel chains are adding spa rooms that offer a variety of spa services to hotel guests. Whole body wraps, mud packs, deep tissue massage, and many other services are now being offered. During the hotel renovations, many are making room for these types of amenities by downsizing conference areas or meeting rooms. Health and wellness isn’t just about feeling good. It’s about looking your best as well. By adding these spa services, hotels are showing their customers that they are listening to their demands. 

Biophilic Design 

Biophilic design incorporates natural elements into the design and construction of the hotel. Large windows that open up to balconies for letting in fresh air and sunshine. Hanging plants, water fountains, and indoor gardens can soften the appearance of a hotel, especially if it is located in an urban area known for its concrete structures and lack of green spaces. Travelers who step into a hotel full of plants and natural elements will begin to relax almost immediately. They take a deep breath and soak up the essence of the plants and organic objects in this new and unique environment. 

Living Walls and Live Plants 

Living walls and live plants in the rooms are simple ways to carry the natural elements of design throughout the hotel. Balconies allow the guest to open the doors and get a breath of fresh after traveling or sitting in meetings all day. It’s the little things that many people often take for granted in their own homes that they miss the most when they are traveling for work. Drinking a cup of coffee sitting in the morning sunshine can set their mood for the entire day. 

Healthier Food Choices 

One of the biggest changes many hotels are making is to their kitchens and their food offerings. Instead of the fast food options of pizza and hamburgers, many are now offering healthier food options for their guests who live a healthier lifestyle. Fruit plates, fresh deli meats on whole grain bread, and smoothie or juice bars provide healthy alternatives to fast food that many guests try to avoid. With the option to eat healthier at the hotel, most will avoid restaurants where they are unsure of what will be available that fits into their diet. 

Hotels are making upgrades and renovations based on what many of their customers have asked for. A healthier environment with the amenities they need to maintain the lifestyle they have at home. Even travelers who aren’t as steadfast with their exercise programs enjoy being able to get in a workout or two while they are traveling away from home. 


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