5 Small Perks a Corporate Hotel Can Offer That Make a Big Difference
concept of small perks hotels can offer like working space

Keeping your corporate guests happy isn’t difficult. Provide them with the amenities they need the most, throw in a few small bonuses, and above all, show them you appreciate them by giving them a little extra. Corporate travelers are fairly low risk in terms of damaging rooms and will normally leave above-average tips if they receive exceptional treatment. The following five perks may not seem like much, but for a busy corporate traveler, it might make their day just a little bit easier. Try out these 5 small perks a corporate hotel can offer that make all the difference.

5 Small Perks a Corporate Hotel Can Offer That Make a Big Difference

In-Room Office Space

A desk, office chair, and space for a laptop and printer will provide an in-room office space. Giving a corporate traveler a place where they can work comfortably will take away part of the stress associated with doing their job while they are on the road. It also helps them to stay organized. If you allow them to use a printer or fax machine, they will have everything they need to conduct business.

Personalized Gifts With a Local Flair 

Many corporate travelers stay for several days, so the small “travel size” soaps and toiletries aren’t practical. Instead of inviting guests to a continental breakfast, think about in-room options. Have them fill out a short questionnaire that includes what their favorite snack foods are and what toiletry brands they prefer. If a traveler is going to be with you for a while, create a personalized gift basket with the things they like. When a traveler returns for a second or third time, keep a record of their preferences on file and have their basket ready for them when they arrive to check in.

Free Rides

If your hotel has a car or SUV on hand, offer your corporate travelers a free ride within a specific distance (10 miles or less). Hotels that don’t have a car on hand might choose to get a rental for a guest. Another option is to have a car service on the property. Unlike cabs or taxis, not everyone will be able to use the service. The car service would be reserved for guests who have paid for specific packages that specifically request the use of a car service or rental.

In-Room Beverage Stations

In-room beverage stations are a great way to endear yourself to your guests. A corporate traveler often misses out on their favorite beverages while they are on the road. Find out what they like and when they arrive, you can create an in-room beverage station that has all of their favorites. Some guests may prefer coffee or fruit smoothies in the morning. Others may prefer an adult beverage or a cold beer as a nightcap. With an in-room beverage station, your guests won’t have to give up all the comforts of home. They will have one they can count on.


Popcorn and a Movie

What better way to relax than to watch a movie with a big bowl of popcorn? Add a drink or two from the in-room beverage station and their night will be complete. When you are creating their personalized gift basket, include a few packages of microwave popcorn and coupons for free in-room movies. Nothing is more boring for a traveler to be stuck in their room with nothing to do. A free movie or two will take their minds off work and give them a chance to kick back and enjoy themselves for a little while.

Competition can be stiff if you are trying to compete with 5-star hotels. Corporate travelers look for bargains just like everyone else. If you offer perks they can really use, they are more likely to choose your hotel over a 5-star hotel that offers the comforts but not the personal touch. Go the extra mile and connect with your guests on a personal level. It will pay off in the long run. As a long-standing construction management company, Interserv has seen the truth of it.


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