AirBNB vs Hotels That Cater to Corporate Travelers

One of the latest trends in travel accommodations is home-sharing. Property owners are opening up their vacation homes to travelers who are looking for more of a “home” experience when they travel. While most AirBNB owners don’t mind the week-to-week rentals by families and groups of travelers, they are also looking to entice long-term renters like corporate travelers who will be spending several weeks in one location. When corporate travelers compare an AirBNB to a high-end hotel that caters to their needs.


Even though corporate travelers would like the comforts of home, they know that they are traveling for a reason. They are looking for accommodations that are both comfortable and functional. While AirBNB homes offer all the comforts of home, many are lacking in other features that a corporate traveler needs to be productive while they are on the road. The purpose of the trip will normally determine the type of accommodations chosen for the trip.


Many AirBNB homes have simple security systems that allow the codes to be changed with each new customer. Corporate travelers often prefer the security that a hotel offers. Hotels are staffed around the clock. Doors have deadbolts and security locks on every door. After hours, exterior doors are locked and require a room key to gain access to the building. Considering the type of equipment and electronics a corporate traveler may carry, a higher level of security is a must.


Consistency is key for corporate travelers. They will opt for a corporate-friendly hotel because the experiences they have are consistent. Each brand has set standards concerning quality and service. Managers are highly trained to provide quality service and take care of any issues that may arise. AirBNB owners vary greatly when it comes to quality of service and overall consistency.

Business Friendly

Corporate travelers need business-friendly accommodations. AirBNB homes may have ample workspace, but they may lack in other areas like professional conference rooms, copy machines, fax machines, and high-speed internet. Hotels that cater to corporate travelers often have a car service available as well, so that the traveler doesn’t need the added expense of a rental car.


When an AirBNB is rented, there is no manager to assist in check-in. While you may have someone to call in the event of an emergency, there will rarely be anyone who can provide you with immediate assistance. Business-friendly hotels, on the other hand, offer staffing 24/7. Check-in is easy and someone is always nearby when you have an issue. Convenience is an amenity that is invaluable when time is of the essence and there is work to be done.


Cleanliness, care, and trust are three amenities corporate travelers rely on. With an AirBNB, they are pretty much on their own when it comes time to care for their living area and restock the items that are used. At a business-friendly hotel, all of the cleaning and care requirements are taken care of as requested by the traveler. The traveler also trusts the hotel staff to provide what they need when they need it. This allows them to commit 100% of their time to the work at hand.

AirBNB homes and hotels offer suitable accommodation for travelers. The key to which one is chosen often has to do with the purpose of the trip. If an AirBNB wants to attract more corporate travelers, they need to be able to provide the type of services offered by high-end hotels.




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