Helping a Hotel Find Its Style
Hotel with modern style interior

Making the decision to renovate a hotel can open the door to many new opportunities. You can easily turn a 3-star hotel into a 5-star oasis that becomes a home away from home for many corporate travelers. To achieve this goal, it will take much more than a simple upgrade. Renovations should remain evergreen for several years. With the right style and choice of amenities, you will be able to upgrade your hotel to meet the needs of both recreational and corporate travelers. Now, how does one go about helping a hotel find its style?

Helping a Hotel Find Its Style

Know Your Audience and Their Needs

Before you begin the design process, you will need to consider who you will want to attract. If your goal is to be able to address the needs of business travelers, you need to follow technological trends. The style of your hotel should follow a more modern path, incorporating the amenities they will need to conduct business and make the most of every minute of their stay. Recreational travelers will also require these advanced amenities on a much simpler scale.

Style and Versatility

While it’s important to stay current with the latest style trends, you also want versatility. Both the lobby and the rooms should have certain capabilities that offer both effective communication and ease of use. With the right design, you can provide the most popular amenities in an environment where your customers feel both comfortable and valued. The style you choose will set the tone for every step of the renovation. It will determine not only the layout of the open areas of the hotel but also how easy it is for customers to move through the process of registration and check out.

Give Your Brand a Makeover

When you decide to take on a full renovation, look closely at your brand. How strong is it? Will it support your future goals? Is it attractive to your demographic? Perform a SWOT analysis to determine if your brand is sustainable or if you should give it a makeover. Rebuilding your brand to reinforce its strength and resiliency will show customers your ability to rise to the occasion when it comes to providing the highest quality of services and amenities possible to every guest you serve.

Spend More, Earn More

A quality hotel with a solid reputation for excellence must be made from the highest quality materials and workmanship. A well-built hotel gives off an air of stability and security. Travelers, whether they be recreational or corporate, want to feel secure and well-cared for. The style of your hotel should accentuate positivity as well as productivity. When the quality of the materials and workmanship can be seen, travelers will not mind spending more for the security and peace of mind they get in return.

Self-Service to Room Service

If you are looking to upgrade your clientele, one of the best ways to accomplish that goal is to turn the focus from self-service to room service. While you can still offer self-service options like a coffee bar in the lobby or a small laundry, offer the room service option as well. This is an upgrade that many travelers appreciate, especially if they are trying to maintain a tight schedule.

Renovate With the Best

Renovations can be a difficult task to undertake. There are many decisions to be made. The style you choose will include many elements and amenities that will define your hotel and what it stands for. Working with professional designers and remodeling contractors is the best way to come up with a design that not only accentuates your style but promotes everything your company stands for.


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