Re-Purposing Spaces for Memorable Meetings and Events
Hotel upgraded room for event planning and meetings

Hotel upgraded room for event planning and meetings

This year, the total revenue of the event planning sector is expected to reach approximately $5 billion. That means that in today’s competitive hospitality industry, hotels have the opportunity to ramp up their earnings by focusing on the event planning segment of the market.

However, just like hotel guests who are looking for a unique lodging experience, people attending events are also in search of an experience that goes beyond the conventional meeting room with a presenter’s podium and tables set up in a large U-shape. As such, Hotel Executive advises offering meeting and event organizers more variety by rethinking which of your hotel’s spaces can be used:

  • Restaurant: While you might already use your restaurant for weddings, it can also be repurposed for large meetings and other events. Consider that if the organizer of an event wishes to offer refreshments, lunch or a dinner, your restaurant is already set up conveniently with your kitchen and everything else you need at hand.
  • Rooftop terrace: Are you making optimal use of the space on top of your building? Even if you don’t yet have a rooftop terrace set up, with a little investment, it can become a major attraction for event organizers who want to offer their guests something different.
  • Lobby: For a more communal experience that enables event attendees to mingle with your other guests — for example at an art exhibit or poetry reading — your lobby can be the perfect solution. It offers a less formal experience than a dedicated space and can give event attendees the feeling they’re connected to the neighborhood.
  • Outdoor spaces: If you have a garden or outdoor terrace, it can easily be repurposed to host meetings and events when needed. This type of setting offers event attendees a pleasurable experience while at the same time enabling you to maximize the use of your property.

It’s advisable to be flexible regarding which spaces you offer for meetings and events, as some spaces will be more suited to certain activities than others. In addition, make sure that your website accurately reflects the potential of your property. If event organizers can’t find any information about hosting a meeting on your rooftop terrace or in your restaurant, they aren’t going to contact you.

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