How Inflation is Affecting Corporate Travelers

Companies often do whatever it takes to keep their business in motion. For many, this means sending employees on business trips to seal the deal. Members of management realize that face-to-face interaction can be much more productive than trying to finalize an agreement over the phone. Even with live-streaming technology, corporate leaders still prefer in-person meetings when it comes to solving problems or ironing out the final details of an agreement. In spite of the ever-rising cost of traveling, companies still push for this personal touch.

Companies Continue to Require Travel

Travel is an essential part of doing business. With companies still making travel a priority, it’s up to both the company and the traveler to come up with ways to make traveling cost-effective. Corporate travelers who are used to the routine know how important it is to make a good impression even if they have been on the road. Since travel is a must, they need to find the best packages with all of the amenities they need for the right price.

Travel Costs Are Rising

Travel costs across the board are rising. Fuel prices are raising transportation costs, no matter how you travel. Hotels and rental properties are also raising their rates. Most travel agencies encourage corporate travelers to book their hotel, rental car, and flight as a bundle. This is the best way to save money on all of your travel needs. Companies that use an agency for all of their corporate travel plans will often receive discounts to help defray the costs.

Cost-Effective Options

Even with bundling everything together, the travel costs can still be quite high. The key is choosing the most cost-effective options. Fly coach instead of first class. If you have frequent flyer miles, use them. When it comes to a rental car, do you really need one or would it be cost-effective to take a taxi? If you do need a rental car, opt for the economy class. There are several types of hotels you can choose from. Corporate travelers require a more business-friendly environment. This means conference rooms, business centers and all of the features they would normally require in an office setting.

Travelers Want the Most for Their Money

Every traveler wants the most out of every dollar they spend. Corporate travelers are no different. The main difference between a recreational traveler and a corporate traveler is that a corporate traveler will pay a little more if a hotel makes their job easier. They want the office services available to them. Some want an onsite fitness center. While saving money is important, having what they need when they need it is something they believe is worth paying for when it comes to a hotel.

Finding the Right Hotel With the Right Options

Hotel managers are learning that if they want corporate clients to keep coming back, they need to go the extra mile and provide features and amenities they need for both work and comfort. When business travelers look for a hotel, they will look at the location and amenities. If you plan on an upgrade or renovation, you may not be able to change your location, but you can change your offerings. Ask your corporate travelers to provide feedback. Giving them what they need is the key to building a strong corporate clientele.


With the rising cost of travel, it’s important for hotel managers to look closely at what they have to offer. Being cost-effective is essential, but you must also be the home away from home a corporate traveler needs to be able to accomplish all of their goals. Give them what they want at an affordable price and you will have committed clients you can rely on to keep coming back.


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