What Corporate Travelers Look for in Extended-Stay Hotels
concept image of corporate travelers in extended stay hotels

Corporate travelers may be sent on business trips for weeks at a time. Depending on the reason for the trip, they may be gone for four to eight weeks, or even longer. If this is the situation, staying in a regular hotel room can be quite uncomfortable. Extended-stay hotels offer better accommodations that are more suited for long-term stays, but do they go far enough? But what do corporate travelers look for in extended-stay hotels?

What Corporate Travelers Look for in Extended-Stay Hotels

Home Furnishings

The last thing a corporate traveler wants to do is live out of a suitcase for four to eight weeks. Having ample dresser and closet space is a must. Full-size dressers will allow the traveler to unpack and actually make themselves feel at home. Having a small amount of storage space in the living room area will allow them to live in an uncluttered environment. The same is true for the bathroom area, as well.

Full Kitchen or Kitchenette

For someone who travels a lot, fast food will eventually start to wear thin. Not only is it bad for you when eaten over a long period of time. But it will start to get expensive. Having a fully functional kitchenette will allow the traveler to eat a healthier diet. They can choose healthier food options that will allow them to continue eating much like they do in their own home. They will also save money.

Separate Rooms

Unless the traveler lives in a studio apartment or an open-concept condo, their sleeping area will be set apart from their living quarters. If you are transitioning a standard hotel into an extended-stay hotel, you should consider separating the two areas. Whether you use a full wall or half wall, dividing the areas gives the feeling of being at home and may actually allow the traveler to relax and feel more comfortable.

The Option for Office Equipment

When a business person travels for their job, they can’t bring their office with them. This means they leave behind all of the equipment they normally use to conduct business. With today’s technology, much of what they do can be performed on their cell phone or tablet if need be. It can be rather limiting, however. Many corporate travelers will pay extra if they have access to a printer, fax machine, or other pieces of equipment they normally have in their office at work. Being able to connect their laptop to equipment that is readily available is a valuable time saver.

Reliable Internet

Many corporate travelers communicate with their home office through live streaming options like Zoom or Teams. In order for the traveler to communicate effectively, it’s essential that they have access to a high-speed internet connection. Providing these amenities will allow them to continue to live as normal a life as possible. This allows them to function more efficiently while they are working. There are fewer distractions and an increase in confidence. It gives them an opportunity to maintain their routine and continue to function in their corporate role.

The Right Options. The Right Team.

Extended-stay hotels are becoming more popular with travelers who are required to visit other business locations for long periods of time. If the right options are offered to these travelers, extended-stay hotels can depend on return business again and again. Corporate travelers will continue to return to hotels that make their lives easier on every level. Contact Interserv remodeling contractors today to get more info.


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