Maintaining the Balance Between “Smart” Travelers and Traditional Travelers
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When people book a hotel, the first thing they look at is the amenities. For a business traveler, the ability to conduct business is at the top of their list. A person traveling with their family may want nothing more than to get away from everything, technology included. The question is, who do you accommodate? You can easily accommodate both if you plan appropriately. The key is offering what each traveler needs without forcing them to pay for things they don’t. So how do you maintain the balance between types of travelers?

Creating the Perfect Environment

There are many ways to create the perfect environment. Business travelers require amenities that will allow them to conduct business. Creating a “smart” area where they can utilize all of their devices is a must. Most hotels have small office-like areas where they can have some level of privacy. While this is fine for some, others prefer to work in their rooms so they can eliminate distractions.

People who are traveling with their families may not want any additional amenities that support smart technology. Most are striving to get away from the hustle and bustle associated with their work. While it’s important to stay connected, most only require the internet that they can access in their room.

Know What Each Type of Traveler Needs

The key to accommodating different types of travelers is knowing what they need and providing them with those amenities in such a way that they hold value. When you begin to plan your next renovation, look at the feedback you have gotten in the past from business travelers. Are they satisfied with what you have to offer? Did they give you feedback on how to improve? It’s important to factor in the feedback from leisure travelers as well. Get to know who uses your hotel and why?

Offer Options to Accommodate Business Travelers

It’s important to offer each type of traveler what they need. When remodeling your common areas, it’s a simple process to section off an area where business can be conducted in private. If a large percentage of your clients travel for business, convert a room or two into a large conference area where meetings can be held. When remodeling rooms, converting one or two into business suites will allow a business traveler to work from the comfort or convenience of their room.

Make Your Offerings Affordable

Many of the “smart amenities” cost more than what simple internet service does. While your business travelers will not mind the additional cost that allows them to maintain their regular work schedule, your leisure travelers should not have to pay for things they don’t use. Having rooms that offer only what they will use is just as important as offering your business travelers the highest quality smart devices available. During your renovations, take into account what your travelers need will help you create the perfect environment for your guests. You will also be able to charge affordable rates that will allow your guests to only pay for exactly what they use.
Renovations allow you to create an environment where each type of traveler feels comfortable and secure. You also have an opportunity to make traveling for business much easier. When you accommodate a person’s needs when it comes to their business, they will be more likely to think of your hotel in the future and also recommend it to other corporate travelers.

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